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I’m not an astronomer, by any stretch. But there’s this thought about the universe I can’t get out of my head, so I’m sharing it with you. And it has to do with gravity, the fabric of space-time, and dark matter.

So, first, imagine you put a bowling ball on your bed. No matter how tightly you tuck your covers, if you put a bowling ball in the middle of your bed, it’s going to create a divot. And if you roll the bowling ball around in your bed, that divot is going to travel with it…and it’s also going…

You might have noticed a bunch of news coming out recently about revised climate scenarios and the world being more screwed than we originally thought it was. Why is that all coming out now? Probably a lot of reasons, but one of the biggest is something called CMIP6.

WTF is CMIP6, You Say?

Several decades ago, in 1995, the climate science community realized it needed to coordinate its efforts around climate modeling so that experiments done in one laboratory (“what will happen to the Greenland ice sheet”) can be cross referenced with experiments done in another laboratory (“how does deforestation in the Amazon contribute to…

Life took an unexpected turn yesterday when I lost a really good job opportunity that I thought had been a sure thing.

It’s good, it’s bad, it’s good-and-bad. But, in the end, I think the universe was nudging me to the place where I really needed to be, and it’s all going to be good. Much more good than bad.

The Backstory

Almost two years ago now, I left a really solid, very well-paying job as an engineering director at Adobe. …

None of the BIPOC people I know are shocked today, but every, single white person of privilege I know (including me) is shocked today.

What we’re seeing is a contrast of expectations.

The privileged (mostly) white people who form my social and professional orbit wanted (NEEDED, actually) this election to be a sweeping repudiation of Trumpism, as if Trumpism were a phenomena limited only to Trump himself. We wanted it to be a cleansing bath that proved, clearly, decisively, that he (Trump) and it (Trumpism) were a fluke that popped into existence in 2016, like magic, and could pop out…

I had a challenging conversation with my 16-year-old son last night.

It’s all Denzel Washington’s fault. Or, more specifically, Denzel’s Christian-propoganda-disguised-as-post-apocalypse-thriller (but, nonetheless quite good) movie The Book of Eli’s fault.

The fact that I had to say “but, nonetheless quite good” tells you most of what you need to know about the conversation. But I’ll describe it anyway.

The movie is cinematically gorgeous. The action is measured and exciting. The dialog is sparse and poetic. The plot is inspiring, the costuming is beautifully convincing and the scenery stark to the point of hypnosis. My son came into the room…

I’ve been asking the exact same interview question for 15 years. This gives me an absolutely enormous (say, 500–1000) sample size of answers to compare to and a decent idea of where the applicant pool has been going over time. I still see novel solutions to the problem, even today, but, I’ve got to say, the quality of answers to this question has taken a steep dive over the last five years and I don’t know why.

Here’s the question: “Pretend I own a chain of hotels and I’m hiring you to write a hotel reservation system. Imagine there are…

Yesterday, in a fit of frustration, I tweeted this:

I was just venting, and quickly moved on with my day. But then, a few hours later, I was shocked to go back to Twitter and see the thing had been liked and retweeted a dozen times. I’m a pretty smalltime Twitter personality, so that’s a significant number. It was enough to capture my ongoing attention and now, the next day at about 11pm, the tweet has been re-tweeted 2,300 times. I don’t know how to emphasize this enough: I’m not a big Twitter personality. If I get one retweet, the…


Tim Cull, founder of @pollen_io. Random rants about business and my life, plus some politics around election time. Aggressively moderate.

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